What kind of couple are you

It is easy to classify other couples into stereotypes, but what about you and your partner? For more types of couples, read LoveByte’s article on social entertainment platform migme here:

What kind of couple are you?

Many of the assumption we have about how to make good decisions have been proven wrong by science. How many of these common pitfalls do you come across in your life?

Are You A Good Decision Maker?

how old is your brain

According to new research, your brain ages at a different rate than the rest of your body. So how quickly is your brain aging? Take this quiz – based on the research of neurologist, Dr. Vincent Fortanasce – to find out!

What’s YOUR Brain Age?

do you have add

First challenge, take the quiz – Which is based on REAL attention deficit disorder tests!

Do You Have ADD?

Answer a few questions to figure out what kind of dancer you should be! Are you a ~Hip Hop Dancer? ~Ballet Dancer? ~Lyrical/ Contemporary Dancer? ~Tap/ Clogging Dancer? ~Jazz Dancer? ~Acrobatic Dancer? Let’s find out!

What Kind Of Dancer Are You?

Will your daughter be spunky or sprightly? Imaginative or logical? She’ll certainly possess all of these qualities, but what will she stand out as the most?

What Will Your Daughter Be Like?

We know you have that special something that makes other people inexplicably drawn to you, but how charismatic do you really come off?

How Charismatic Are You?

A whole year is in front of you – will it be yet another year of nothing special, or are you bound for glory? Let’s make 2015 YOUR year! Start now.

Will You Be Happy In 2015?

You’re a great driver. Everyone else is terrible. Oh, really? Prove your driving knowledge, then show off your results on Facebook!

Are You REALLY A Good Driver?